We are now gearing up for e commerce so that we can provide you guys with the merchandise that is being requested. T shirts, hats and caps, wrist bands and many other Eminent and Sublyminal logo accessories. 

The "Shout Out To The Haters" video has been released to YouTube as well as the "Double-0-Seven" video.

The "Controlling My Own Destiny" album was Sublyminal's first studio album. It is also going to be rereleased soon. Stay tuned!

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​You can still get the "Inspiration" Album on iTunes by clicking the link above.

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SUBLYMINAL has released the "I am Sublyminal track today! Go give it a listen. More music from the upcoming project self titled "Sublyminal: HipHop Ambassador" wil be released soon. Look for the complete project this spring. 

Don't forget to drop by the product and merchandise page and see what new  Sublyminal goodies we may have!

​The Album "Seven" is now available! Get your copy now!


​News & Events

SUBLYMINAL is currently working on two EP's that will be completed soon. Keep your eyes and ears open for imminent release dates.

You can now go to the video page to view the new "Communication" video. Go "like'' it, "share" it, and leave a comment on it! Thanks for your continued support!

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