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​Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, born Eric Flood, Sublyminal put himself on a path to success through his positivity, intelligent insight and natural talent from an early age beginning to form a solid connection to music. After refining his talent to a sharp precision, in 2008 Sublyminal took the love of his craft to the next level; realizing that he was born with specific talents to entertain that couldn’t be ignored – he began to step into the music-scene to test the waters.

His first release titled "Controlling My Own Destiny” was self released in 2010. He continued to find himself lyrically and made a move to Atlanta shortly after to further pursue his career. This marked the new-beginning and Sublyminal’s fan-base expanded a little more following his move. He continued to find himself lyrically and with the release of his second full length album “Inspiration” being released July 3, 2012 it was easy to see the growth artistically as his delivery became far more smooth. After taking a little time off he then gave his third release on June 3, 2015, an EP titled “Seven” that was full of lyricism and precise flow and rhyme patterns. 

Sublyminal has announced that his third release is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2017 which is title “Hip Hip Ambassador”. He has been know to have a strong love for the culture of hip hop and all that embodies what he considers “true hip hop” and said that his idea is to do his part in helping keep it alive. Well, let’s see what else is to come. 

  • Communication3:01
  • Street Hop3:23
  • Shout Out T The Haters3:38
  • Mark My Words3:16
  • California4:03
  • I Am Hip Hop3:20
  • Success3:02
  • Inspiration3:17

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